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Gel Infused Memory Foam Topper/Overlay

Gel Infused Memory Foam Topper/Overlay

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Similar to our Driftaway memory foam toppers; these mattress overlays are made of 50mm visco-elastic high-density memory foam, but with an additional gel infusion to provide a cooling effect. Locally made using an imported German formula provided by one of the leading chemical companies worldwide. These overlays relax according to your body dynamics and soften as you gently sink in, cradling and supporting your weight. The memory foam absorbs movement, thereby reducing disturbances from your partners side of the bed. The gel addition works to wick away excess body heat to allow for optimal comfort. Invest in your sleep today with this incredible Driftaway Memory Foam Gel Infused Topper. The Feran-Ice covering has excellent hydrophilic qualities, absorbing excess moisture while you sleep. Our quality memory foam is temperature sensitive. In these extremely cold temperatures, this product initially, is a lot firmer. Once the foam has been exposed to a person’s body heat and room temperature, it will become more supportive and supple.

Features: Memory foam, gel infusion, cooling effect, comfortable, shapes to your body, feran Ice Covering.

Dimensions: 188cm x 91cm x 5cm (single) 188cm x 107cm x 5cm (three quarter) 188cm x 137cm x 5cm (double) 188cm x 152cm x 5cm (queen) 188cm x 183cm x 5cm (king).

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